Best HR Solutions in Kolkata: Process, Steps, Quality, Scope, Where to Find

HR Solutions in Kolkata

The strategic pillar of the operation of a company, the human resources(HR) process is the function through which a work environment conducive to meeting business objectives and increasing productivity is built. Although, indeed, this process was previously perceived from a purely administrative point of view, it currently intervenes in key activities for the development of the company.

Make your resources more human and put your talent at the heart of your company’s strategy with B3 Brain Behind Brand. Discover the activities inherent to the human resources process and the importance they have in the development of the company and we help you find the best HR solutions in Kolkata. Globally, the human resources(HR) process in a company includes a series of activities and functions related to the life cycle of employees:

  • Selection and recruitment,
  • induction and integration,
  • training and skills development,
  • end of mission and departure.

However, the relationships that exist between human resource management processes and company development go far beyond this. Today, the human resources strategy seeks to coordinate and align the workforce to ensure the well-being of people and obtain better results.

  • The key processes you can automate,
  • How specifically the structuring and automation of business processes help you modernize your company and save money and time,

Let’s see what every stage of the human resources management process consists of.

What are the functions of human resources management?

Through different activities, functions or processes, the Human Resources Department seeks to build and develop a safe and productive work environment that:

  • Promote flexibility, innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Develop a strong corporate culture.
  • Ensure business performance.

Strategic planning or personnel development process in a company

It consists of strategically evaluating how human capital is capable of satisfying the company’s needs. This process consists of analyzing the business, its operation and the resources that will be necessary to develop it.

Generally, companies have a strategic planning matrix from which each department determines its objectives and the key performance indicators (KPI) that it will measure to achieve them.

Needs analysis

Once the processes have been mapped and put in terms of objectives and indicators, it is now possible to analyze the needs of the organization in terms of the workforce, to define:

  • The new jobs will be necessary to ensure the correct functioning of the company, as well as the profile of the candidate to occupy them.
  • The training and training that will be required within the framework of the business growth strategy.

Personnel selection process

From the analysis of the needs in terms of human resources, the process of expanding the workforce emerges. In this sense, a recruitment process takes place, from which:

  • Profiles are sought to attract new human talent,
  • Selection interviews are carried out,
  • The right people are chosen to carry out the position.


The synergy between the human resources process and other departments of the company can be achieved through the implementation of tools such as an HRIS, which impacts the ability of people to perform their functions. Having solutions at B3 Brain Behind Brand, which allow you to automate administrative processes and make it easier for workers to concentrate on more strategic tasks, positively impacts the operation, development and growth of your company.